Bones Season 6 episodes 1-9

Season 6 premiere of Bones


Season 6 premiere of Bones took place 7 months after the season 5 finale. It showed Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) reuniting after spending those 7 months apart. Everyone came back to help their friend and co-work Cam (Tamara Taylor) who ended up in some trouble with her job when she could not identify the remains that everyone thought to be a kidnapped child. As the show continues we find that Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins ( TJ Thyne) are expecting a child. We also learn that Booth has met someone named Hannah Burley played by Katheryn Winnick. As the season continues Hannah ends up moving in with Booth, We get some very gruesome cases one which involves a the victim being inside the worlds largest chocolate bar, we also see Brennan appear in a tv show that is very much like Bill Nye the Science Guy, And then there is an episode where Hannah gets shot. In episode nine there is a case that hits Brennan hard and makes her question her life. When the victim is a workaholic doctor who when she went missing noone seemed to miss her and she even had this pilot she worked with who wanted to be in a relationship with her but she kept turning him down and that made Brennan think about her and her relationship with Booth. Then in the end of that episode she told Booth how she didn’t want any regrets. Booth then told her how he was with someone now and that he loves Hannah. It was a very sad and emotional episode of Bones and both the cast and crew did a great job with it.

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One Response to Bones Season 6 episodes 1-9

  1. Lauren says:

    I’ve seen a few episodes of Bones here and there, and I liked what I saw, but I never actually sat down and watched a whole season, so I wasn’t sure if I could just tune in now and understand what’s happening. Based on your post, it sounds like a good show, and I think it’s interesting how Brennan and Booth are partners at work but not romantically involved with each other.

    I also think that you should interject your own opinion into your post more; since it’s your blog, it’d be nice to see why you like the episodes of Season 6, what you thought worked really well and what didn’t, instead of just summarizing what happened. That way, you can make your blog more unique and it’ll stand out more compared to websites dedicated to Bones that recap the episodes. One of the things that I like about certain sites, like Screen Rant and Blue Sky Disney, is that the authors of the articles will report news but also add their own analysis to it, because over time, I’ve come to respect those sites and enjoy hearing what they think about entertainment news that everyone else is talking about.

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