The Mighty Macs Review Back the Macs

David Boreanaz (Ed Rush) with his dad Philadelphia weatherman Dave Roberts at The Mighy Macs movie Premiere

Back The Macs

                      On Friday October 14th I had the privilege to go to the Red Carpet World Premiere of The Mighty Macs a movie that is based on the Immaculata’s Basketball team and how they made the impossible possible.  Mighty Macs stars Carla Gugino as Cathy Rush the coach for the Immaculata Basketball team, and David Boreanaz who plays Ed Rush Cathy’s husband and a basketball referee. The movie starts out with the team playing badly but as it goes on Cathy gets them to play like a real team which is what takes them to the national championship game. Based on the true story the Macs ultimately won 3 championship games in a row in 1972,73, and 74.

              The movie is a fun film that your all whole family will enjoy. It’s such an inspiring movie that should be told and seen time and time again. With so many great quotes in this movie like when Cathy tells the dean Mother St John that she would have coached the team for free. This is such a treasured story to be told and the movie really should be seen by everyone. Even if you are not a sports fan you will be a fan of this movie. With there not being too many films that you can take your whole family to this is one that I would definitely recommend for everyone to see. It will inspire you to do anything you want to do even if it seems impossible. Mighty Macs opens nationwide on Friday October 21st go grab your tickets and back those Macs.

David Boreanaz and his wife Jaime Bergman at the premiere of The Mighy Macs


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This Weeks Episode

This weeks episode (April 14th) of Bones is co-written by series regular John Francis Daley (FBI Psychologist Dr. Lance Sweets) The episode is called The Truth in the Myth and it’s like a myth buster type episode. JFD has said in an interview that this episode will have plenty of Sweets in this episode something he didn’t want to do but because they were filming this episode the same time David (Boreanaz) and Emily (Deschanel) were in Florida filming the spin-off episode so this episode won’t have as much Booth and Brennan but will have plenty of Sweets which I personally think is great because I love the character. I look forward to watching this episode since it was co-written by one of the stars of the show.

Here is the preview for this weeks episode

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Broken Image

Hey guys so I just saw that for some reason the image to my latest post is not showing but if you click on the x in the box it will open the picture up I have no idea why it is doing that so if anyone knows how I can fix it please let me know



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A Baby for Bones

I was originally going to post this yesterday but given that yesterday was April Fools day I did not want to do that in case anyone might have thought this was an April Fools prank. On late afternoon Thursday it was announced by People that Emily Deschanel who plays Dr. Temperance Brennan on Bones is pregnant with her first child. When I first heard it I was happy and excited for her. I found out about through her sister Zooey Deschanel on twitter where she excitedly tweeted about how Emily is pregnant and she (Zooey) can’t wait to be an aunt. So congratulations to the mommy and daddy (David Hornsby) to be on the amazing news.

After I said my congratulations via twitter to her sister I thought about what this could mean for Bones. With a disscussion with other Bones fans on twitter we thought of a few ways for them to work with or around the pregnancy. Here is some things that they could do.

                     1.) They could make Brennan pregnant as well with of course the father being Booth (David Boreanaz) If they do this they would not have to hide the pregnancy at all and Booth and Brennan fans would get what they have been asking for for a long time a Booth/Brennan hook-up. The only problem with this idea is that some people might think that it might be too soon for these characters to have a baby and plus right now they have a pregnancy story line with Hodgins (TJ Thyne) and Angela (Michaela Conlin) 

                    2.) Something else they could do is have her hide behind the corpses. They also like to have some of the most gruesome bodies so this is something I can definitely see them doing the only problem with this idea is how do they hide the belly when Brennan is out in the field with Booth.

                   3.) The third and final idea is that they write and film for season 7 right after filming the finale or depending on how far along she is after she gives birth (which will only work if she is due near July/August) If they start filming right after the finale then they won’t have to worry too much about when she starts to show and then they can film a few episodes and then wait to film more episodes until after she has given birth. The one problem with this idea is that the network has not officially renewed the show for its 7th season however many people are almost certain that it will be picked up they are just working right now on the negotiations and then it will most likely be announced that it has been renewed.

So there some ideas that they can do I just hope that this doesn’t mean that we will have a longer summer hiatus. If you have any thoughts/comments/questions let me know in the comments section

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Bones Season 6 episodes 1-9

Season 6 premiere of Bones


Season 6 premiere of Bones took place 7 months after the season 5 finale. It showed Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) reuniting after spending those 7 months apart. Everyone came back to help their friend and co-work Cam (Tamara Taylor) who ended up in some trouble with her job when she could not identify the remains that everyone thought to be a kidnapped child. As the show continues we find that Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins ( TJ Thyne) are expecting a child. We also learn that Booth has met someone named Hannah Burley played by Katheryn Winnick. As the season continues Hannah ends up moving in with Booth, We get some very gruesome cases one which involves a the victim being inside the worlds largest chocolate bar, we also see Brennan appear in a tv show that is very much like Bill Nye the Science Guy, And then there is an episode where Hannah gets shot. In episode nine there is a case that hits Brennan hard and makes her question her life. When the victim is a workaholic doctor who when she went missing noone seemed to miss her and she even had this pilot she worked with who wanted to be in a relationship with her but she kept turning him down and that made Brennan think about her and her relationship with Booth. Then in the end of that episode she told Booth how she didn’t want any regrets. Booth then told her how he was with someone now and that he loves Hannah. It was a very sad and emotional episode of Bones and both the cast and crew did a great job with it.

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Hello world!

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